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Hop on a Bike: Parador’s Tico Village and Waterfall Bicycle Tour

Parador Resort & Spa on September 17, 2014 - 2:24 pm in Nature & Adventure Tours

And away we go on Parador’s bicycle tour… This is a complete edutainment experience, where you’ll learn about the region’s flora, fauna and other fun activities.



Hop aboard for a guided bicycle tour of the rural town of Portalon, just 30 minutes from Quepos. Once there, you’ll visit the local school, which has been an active participant in the sustainability initiatives that are a vital part of communities across the country.

Then you’ll take a look at the local “event ballroom” where all the weddings, fairs and community activities of this village take place, followed by a stop in at the town’s pulpería, the local “convenience store” where neighbors meet daily to socialize and pick up their groceries. This visit will provide you with a real inside look at the rural life of the local Costa Rican people.

Bicycle Tour 1st Stop: Enjoy a delicious frozen fruit juice treat (comes in different flavors) called “Bolis” at a local store.



Roadside portrait, taken during our new Bicycle Tour.


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From Portalon you’ll pedal over to a small farm, where you’ll leave your bikes and take a short walk to a waterfall to enjoy a refreshing dip and a classic local snack of corn tortillas and cheese.


Bicycle tours can work up a sweat: we have the solution and it’s alllll natural! End the bicycle tour with a dip in the cool waters of a natural pool, of course!

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Your reward after the morning bicycle tour? A freshly made, healthy Costa Rican lunch!  Tamarind juice, fresh fruits, sweet corn tamale with picadillo de papaya, and freshly baked, banana bread.

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For those who are taking the tour in the afternoon, we recommend topping off your day with a visit to Matapalo Beach—just a 15-minute drive away—to enjoy the sunset.

This tour can be enjoyed in the morning or the afternoon. It lasts approximately 4 hours, plus the sunset visit to Matapalo Beach.




Book the tour in conjunction with your stay via our website or at our Quepos Verde Aventura kiosk located across the main pool.

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