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Local Artistry in Las Suites

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Parador Resort & Spa on October 28, 2011 - 12:07 pm in Hotel Happenings

Parador Resort & Spa’s grand “Las Suites” building adds a touch of local artistry to each of the 33 elegant suites.

Hand-painted works by native Costa Rican artist Victor Chavarria adorn the walls in each room.  Much of the themes present in his works reflect his love for Costa Rica, depicting vibrant landscapes, scenic marshes, beaches, birds and flowers.

Chavarria studied art at the University of Costa Rica, honing his skills in the techniques of oil paintings, acrylic, watercolor and enamel paints. In 1985, Chavarria made name for himself with a presentation to the Library of the Ministry of Education.

Presently, Chavarria performs the majority of his work in the town of Sarchi, while contiunuing to present at national exhibits. In Sarchi, he contributed to works in the ICE facility, and has worked for several hand-crafted enterprises, including the Chaverri Highway manufacturers, Craft Markets and now in Road Eloy Alfaro Factory.

Chavarria also shares his work in the homes of fellow Costa Ricans. His murals color the walls of a local retired educators institution and the Dreams Herradura condominium.

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