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MicroGreens: Macro Taste, Macro Experience

Parador Resort & Spa on July 23, 2014 - 2:53 pm in Dining

Chefs and gourmands the world over had already fallen in love with the notion of baby vegetables—so tender, so sweet—when a few inventive souls decided to look a little more closely at the root of the matter (literally) and discovered seedlings. They were younger, teenier and even tenderer…  They discovered: microgreens!

Lauded for their vibrant colors and über-fresh taste, micro greens are also veritable powerhouses when it comes to nutrients. In fact, they boast four to six times more nutrients than their more mature counterparts!

At Parador, Chef Alejandro has introduced microgreens into his menus and they’re the perfect complement to the eco-healthy lifestyle embraced by the resort. But microgreens do not grow on trees: the Chef and his team of agricultural experts built and designed a unique greenhouse—hermetically sealed against pests and predators—where they planted organic seeds into large trays of specially prepared soil.

These mighty micros are watered once in the morning, then carefully treated with 100% organic pesticides and fertilizers, many of which are produced right on the premises. The tiny treasures are ready to be picked some 8 to 10 days later. Among Chef’s babies: arugula, radish, basil, a mix of spicy mustards, edible flowers, grape tomato, amaranth, Mild Mix, carrot, broccoli, Salanova lettuce and more.

You’ll find Parador’s vibrant mix of micro greens at the salad bar and accompanying a tasty variety of dishes. Are you ready to go microgreen?


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