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Parador’s Pet & Mascot Pedro Passes Away

Parador Resort & Spa on January 14, 2011 - 12:18 pm in Nature & Adventure Tours

Amidst all the good vibes and celebration, we at Parador Resort & Spa have also suffered a great loss during this holiday season. Our longtime pet and hotel mascot, Pedro, the Garrobo Iguana, was found dead close to his home — a pipe near the reception area in which he has been residing since we opened in 1995. The discovery was made shortly before New Year’s and brings with it much sadness for those whose lives he touched…

Pedro was not only a beloved member of the Parador family, but a bit of a celebrity as well. He enjoyed much fame (but not so much fortune) as the star of many photos, with thousands of guests having posed with our friendly reptile over the past 15 years. Further, while he had no next of kin, Pedro was known to squire many a female companion over and through our expansive grounds and we are sure that his dapper ways with the women will be sorely missed in the kingdom.

Cause of death is undetermined, but it is assumed that Pedro simply succumbed to his advanced age, although we have no idea what that might be!

Rest In Peace dear Pedro. Perhaps one of your offspring will arrive to uphold your legacy.

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