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The Smell Of Success: Organic Fertilizer Expert Don Miguel Helms Parador’s Compost Plant

Parador Resort & Spa on June 21, 2011 - 11:20 am in Sustainability

Don Miguel, Parador Resort & Spa’s resident organic fertilizer specialist, greets at least fifty guests a day during peak season at his outpost below the hotel’s main building where he converts kitchen waste into planet-friendly sustenance for our gardens and green areas.

These eco-minded visitors venture down to Don Miguel’s compost plant to experience the true meaning of sustainability and to learn how refuse can become nourishment for the planet. Although he doesn’t speak a word of English, his passion and charisma combined with non-verbal illustrations effectively communicates the process. And the odor bespeaks the rest! But this is the smell of success as Parador and Don Miguel lead the way towards recycling, reusing and redistributing waste that was once considered simply trash.

Holding a technical degree in sustainable agriculture practices and having worked organic farms in the United States, Don Miguel is a respected expert in natural fertilizer and is regularly called upon to train protégés throughout Costa Rica. With 30 years experience in organic gardening methods, he begins each day by processing discarded non-acidic fruit remains in huge numbered vats. After various gestation periods, the resultant liquid is combined with other elements such as cow dung, red worms, coal, virgin mountain soil, semolina and purge honey from sugar cane to fashion several types of organic fertilizer and insect repellant that are used to treat the foliage throughout the resort.

Don Miguel has been proudly overseeing Parador’s compost plant for the past four years and we are privileged to name him amongst our valued and invaluable family of employees.

Next time you visit, set aside some time to visit with Don Miguel and learn how you might utilize some of these methods at home.


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